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Our 11th Kiwi Release onto Motutapu Island with Sir Graham Henry and Kiwis for Kiwi.

In February we were privileged to offer our 11th kiwi for relocation onto Motutapu Island where Sir Graham Henry released him into the wild. Motutapu is a pest free island.

The kiwi release was paired with the launch of the new Kiwis for Kiwi strategy.

This strategy outlines Kiwis for kiwi investment strategy over the next five years. It describes how Kiwis for Kiwi will prioritize its spending on the different kiwi species, and how it will utilise existing management programmes and infrastructure, funded by others, to leverage its investments and grow kiwi populations cost-effectively and quickly.

This is exceptionally good news for us as a trust. We are partnering with Kiwis for kiwi on some exciting and significant projects.

It was an afternoon of utmost pride. Our trustees Rebecca Alexander, Nick Gillingham & Dr John Mclennan had great fun with Sir Graham, and jumped at the opportunity to liaise with some key players within the kiwi network.

We love your work Kiwis for kiwi.

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