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Project Update: Many projects we have been working on for months (and years) have come to fruition.

Many projects we have been working on for months (and years) have come to fruition during the last couple of months. In brief:

  1. The first six kiwi were translocated from Kuaotunu to the Hunua Ranges. This site is a space under extensive management as the Kokako Management Area. It is wonderful another taonga species benefits from this management - while kokako live in the canopy the kiwi is the treasure of the forest floor. It is intended a founding population of 40-50 Coromandel kiwi is established over the next five or so years.

  2. We launched our new website – Please take the time to have a look and understand what we do right here in Kuaotunu as well as beyond the peninsula’s borders.

  3. In partnership with the Department of Conservation, we are now managing the kiwi aspect of the work undertaken on the Moehau Range. We have also been entrusted by the Department to renew and extend the translocation permit to continue establishing a permanent island population on Motutapu Island. Inherent in this is the intention kiwi will be returned to the mainland once half the carrying capacity is achieved, so part of the renewal of the permit is to look at how this achievement can be accelerated.

Additionally, the core project work of pest and predator control and kiwi monitoring continues to be achieved every month of every year. We thank those blood-thirsty individuals and groups who continue to trap our target species of stoat, cat and ferret. We welcome Gay Hart to the trapping fraternity and thank Claire Grover for assuming the killing role in Chris and Lizzy’s absence. We welcome Sara Smerdon from the Mahakirau Forest Estate as a contract trapper while we focus on the extra paperwork outlined in brief above over the next wee while.

We thank Suzanne Taylor, Murray and Kathy Spiers , Kim Lawry and the Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre, Chris Twemlow, James Muir, and Michael and Tracy Gillett for responding to our request for volunteer kiwi couriers.

We thank Annemieke Kregting aka Kuaotunu Bird Rescue for her ongoing support as well as her specific support during the transfer of kiwi from Kuaotunu to the Hunua Ranges.

We also congratulate Sheila Westley on becoming an avian aversion trainer for dogs. Sheila and Chris have co-ordinated and hosted training days for a number or years and it made sense for Sheila to become the one-stop shop by becoming the trainer as well.

All of these voluntary efforts save the Project Kiwi Trust thousands of dollars, but more importantly help to maximise the conservation gains for the Kuaotunu Peninsula and Coromandel kiwi.


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